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Only the Best HVAC Services in St. Johns County, FL, and Nearby Areas

Do you prefer doing business with a local, family-run company when your household comfort systems need repair or maintenance? Then you're going to love working with Hallco Heating & Air. Our established company offers a full range of HVAC services in St. Johns County, FL, and nearby areas. We look forward to becoming your go-to team whenever you need assistance with your critical home systems.

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Top-Notch Air Conditioning Services For Your Cooling Needs

Top-Notch Air Conditioning Services For Your Cooling Needs

Our AC services cover traditional cooling units, heat pumps, and mini-split systems.

AC Installation

You can count on us when you need an all-new cooling system or a replacement of an existing unit that's no longer functioning adequately.

AC Repair

We offer comprehensive AC repair services to restore faltering and broken-down systems to effective operation once again.

AC Maintenance

When it's time for your home's annual or seasonal air conditioning maintenance, our team is prepared to take care of the inspection and tuning-up process.

Reliable Heating Services With Your Comfort in Mind

Reliable Heating Services With Your Comfort in Mind

Whether your home relies on a furnace, heat pump or even an old-fashioned boiler, you won't go wrong when you make us your heating service team of choice.

Heating Installation

We're equally prepared to provide new heating system installation and complete system replacement for our local clientele.

Heating Repair

If your system needs a minor fix or major heating repairs, our team will arrive at your location armed with everything that we need to manage the job.

Heating Maintenance

Heating system cleaning, inspection, and tune-ups for all types of units are among the many services that we're happy to provide.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Solutions to Address Any Issue

Our indoor air quality solutions include Reme Halo units, HEPA filtration modules, UV light systems, and a variety of other commercially available products.

Comprehensive Ductwork Services

Comprehensive Ductwork Services

Our full complement of HVAC ductwork tasks includes installation, repair, and maintenance as well as supplying the following products and services.

Air Flow Balance Devices

Air flow balance devices

These units ensure even distribution of heated and cooled air in all rooms of a home.

Ductwork Modification

Ductwork modification

If your HVAC ductwork needs to be moved as part of a home renovation or expansion project, our team is available to tackle the job.

Custom Duct Design

Custom duct design

Complex and uniquely configured properties will benefit from our customized ductwork layouts.

Efficient Mini Split Services

We're the team to turn to when you need mini-split cooling system installation, repair, maintenance, and related services.


An effective dehumidifier can promote better indoor air quality and prevent moisture from damaging your property. We're experienced in supplying quality dehumidifiers for local residential customers.

All the Work We Do Is For You, Our Dear Clients

All the Work We Do Is For You, Our Dear Clients

Our professional services allow you to enjoy year-round comfort and improved indoor air quality. We also help local homeowners protect the investments that they've made in their properties and in their climate control systems with first-rate installation, maintenance, and repair work that have made us the leading HVAC company in the area.

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Make the Most of Hiring a Professional

When you choose us as your dedicated HVAC contractor, rest assured that you'll receive quality work, honest communication, and great results. We also possess an array of professional-grade tools and equipment and have access to premium supplies that we utilize on every job, large or small.

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Signs of Possible HVAC System Issues

Your home's heating and cooling systems should be capable of supplying ample amounts of climate-controlled air while operating with minimal noise and little to no downtime. If your system is having trouble keeping up with demand, sounds like it's struggling whenever it comes on, or is no longer running at all, a visit from our professional crew is definitely in order.

Why Trust Our Expert Crew?

Our dedicated personnel regularly goes the extra mile to build quality into everything that we do. We also furnish detailed estimates and prompt turnaround on every project.

Call Us; We’re More Than Ready To Exceed Your Expectations

Let the team at Hallco Heating & Air go to work taking care of all your HVAC services in St. Johns County, FL. Call us or fill out our online form to schedule an introductory appointment with us today.

We Service Units from All Manufacturers, Including

We Service Units from All Manufacturers, Including
American Standard

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